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My goal is this:

to welcome others into Troy, and to show them what an amazing town it truly is.


We're Augusta + Ryan

How That Corner Lot came to be...In the middle of 2020, the world was upside down. We were in the middle of a global pandemic, and I (Augusta) was starting a new journey in life… being a single mother. I had a 1 & 3 yr old. No immediate family present, and practically no where to go. 

My home at the time was “That Corner Lot”. Being in the heart of downtown, with a complete side yard, was the biggest blessing. We began breaking up our days by exploring in our yard. We found landscaping rocks buried, and created flower beds. I bought a double jogging stroller, and we went on daily walks and explored all of the local parks. Each week we ventured a bit farther away, and established our own routines and favorite spaces. Each day we stayed outside a little longer, basking in the calm that being outdoors brings. We talked with our neighbors, who became our close friends.

In that year, and the years to come, I saw how much pride our town took, and how many beautiful and amazing things it had to offer. We fell in love with Troy, and were grateful to all it gave us during that span. 


As life moved on, and we were blessed with a new chance at being a full family unit, the realization that my home was too small hit hard.

I couldn’t let it go. 

With the support of my husband, we decided to start with some much needed updates and renovations. I knew I wanted to rent, but long term rental didn’t sit well with me. It was too long for someone to be in my home, and what if they destroyed our hard work? So I started dancing around with the idea of short term rental. Most people thought I was crazy, a lot of people still think I am, but it has opened up a doorway of possibilities I never envisioned in my life. In all of the best ways. 


My goal is this: to welcome others into Troy, and to show them what an amazing town it truly is. To create a “Home away from home” atmosphere in which guests feel welcomed, and comfortable. To help them feel like they are a local, and to unlock the hidden gems they didn’t know about here in Troy, Ohio. To highlight all of the amazing businesses and what they bring to our town.

Together, I know we are creating a community full of richness. Slowly, I have watched as Troy has transformed itself from a quintessential small town, into what I consider to be a destination. Whatever small part I play in that, I’m here for it.

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson



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